Big Picture/ Detail

Big picture / Detail – Learn

Step back and see opportunities Video-byte introducing Levels of Thinking; a useful framework to help you step-back from day-to-day tactics and consider the bigger picture.

Broaden your view Article introducing PEST analysis and micro-learning to confirm understanding. PEST is a well-known framework, under-utilised in business, that considers multiple macro-environmental factors to stimulate new thinking and new perspectives.

Be curious and ask better questions Micro-learning to improve questioning skills. Broaden your range of questions using SHAPE Questioning.

Video-bytes explaining SHAPE Questioning. SHAPE is a flexible questioning approach that includes two questions types: Adjust and Paint that drive consideration of the bigger picture.

Add some spice to your questions Article to introduce Spicy Questions and micro-learning to confirm understanding of the different question types. The seven types of Spicy Question can be very helpful in stimulating the different perspectives that often lead to novel insights and new ways to work.