Brainstorming For sales professionals and consultants


Brainstorming is not as easy as many people think.  The next time you are asked to brainstorm, watch what happens.  More often than not, one person puts out an idea, then the whole group discusses the idea, clarifying it and critiquing it.  That is definitely not the way to brainstorm.

Below are some suggested basic rules for good brainstorming.  Some are critical, some less so.

Critical for success:

  • No critique and very limited explanation. Analysis is death to brainstorming.
  • No idea is too crazy.
  • Aim for quantity of ideas. Quality comes later.
  • Welcome any and every contribution.
  • If you are writing on a flipchart, do not re-word ideas. Write it as it was said.

Helpful for success:

  • Try to involve everyone – see Idea-Storming.
  • Build on ideas to generate energy and excitement.
  • Don’t rush the process.
  • Adopt different perspectives.
  • Guard against cognitive bias.