Free flowing / Organized

Free flowing / Organized

Structured and flexible discussions Video-bytes and micro-learning introducing a 3-part structure for framing discussions or topics within a discussion. I We You provides a loose structure that helps free-flowing people be more organized and prevents organized people from being too rigid.

Structured and flexible questioning Micro-learning to improve questioning skills. SHAPE provides a framework for building a strong understanding of another person’s thinking. Focus-5 directs questions to five key business areas positioning the questioner as curious and commercial.

Video-bytes explaining SHAPE Questioning.

A structured and flexible discussion-flow template Video-byte and micro-learning explaining how Value Sheets guide Free-flowers towards value to the client and help organized thinkers be more flexible.

Position ideas with impact Video-bytes and micro-learning introducing a simple structure to help you better position idea and recommendations.

Organized = Technical Micro-learning and assessment tool to assess and understand the implications of different relationship types. Those who lean towards organized also tend to have technical relationships.

Video-byte explaining the implications of technical relationships.