Idea-Storming For sales professionals and consultants


Idea-Storming is a good way for groups to brainstorm and typically surfaces a large, diverse and inclusive range of views in a very short time.

Contrast Idea-Storming with the all too typical traditional discussion where one person (often the most senior) explains their thoughts.
Then the next person adds their thoughts.
Then the third person critiques and refines.
Then everyone else zones out….

And an hour later the discussion ends with just a few people having contributed (the ones who like their ideas to be heard) and no breakthrough.

It works like this:

  1. Given a topic, each person is given 3 minutes to note down their thoughts on that topic.
  2. They then share those views with one other person and combine their thoughts. Again 3 minutes max.
  3. Optionally, these views are then discussed within a small group of 4-6 and a prioritised list of views is produced. 5 minutes allowed.
  4. These views are shared with the whole, larger groups.

Thus, within 6-11 minutes a prioritized list of views is produced that includes the input of the whole group.

Idea-Storming relies on the numbers present in the whole-group to surface the broad-range of ideas that otherwise would take much longer to arrive at.

Idea-Storming also limits the potential for one or more individuals to dominate and for people to disengage.