Opportunity / Fear


A tendency to jump at every chance or a desire to be cautious and move carefully.  Both traits have advantages and disadvantages.

  • high scorers see opportunity in everything. They are often energetic and inspiring. On the minus side, they can be seen as irresponsible, jumping at every opportunity without first considering any risks.
  • low scorers may be seen as too cautious. Negative even. In extreme cases, low scorers can stall creativity by constantly saying “but” and asking “why?”.

A Launch Pad score in the 90-120 range indicates a broad, forward-thinking outlook and a tendency to embrace opportunities.

Scores in the Opportunity/Fear domain are consistently lower than the 90-120 Launch Pad scores.  We think a major reason for this is that most people are moulded, as their career develops, to specialize and become an “expert”.  Equally, many jobs are heavily task-focused with only an occasional requirement to “be strategic”.

To score higher in Opportunity/Fear is therefore challenging for many people.

Significantly though, people scoring high in Opportunity/Fear tend to be more innovative, a characteristic that organizations are coming to value more and more.

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